Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This build ONLY will be for those of you who have purchased the TBH app and have the two-part .zip files OR for those who have acquired root using the Droid 3 root method


BUGS: Camera does not work yet, DSPManager may force close when you make or receive a phone call

For those coming from a previous version of Cyanogenmod
1. Make a backup of your current Cyanogenmod build, you can use this to make an advanced restore of your data.img so you won't have to redo everything
2. You must SBF back to froyo. Instead of 2.26.60, you need to flash back to 3.8.7
3. Install the bootstrap and install the two part .zips from TBH or use the Droid 3 root method in order to keep root for Gingerbread. This updates your kernel so you can run the new Cyanogenmod builds. You can skip to step 5 on the section below from here

If you're on stock 3.8.7 and you don't want to buy the TBH app but instead want to the use the free Droid 3 root method
1. Download the unrooted 2.3.3 update that I saved on my sdcard when I got the OTA from here
The md5sum of the OTA is 51914928f48f2421438531b0ceeb71d4
2. Place it on your sdcard and rename it
3. Turn off you phone and reboot into the stock recovery by pressing Power + R + M and select apply
4. After it updates, download the Droid 3 root method found here and follow the instructions to root your phone

5. After installing, reboot your phone and make sure your phone boots into the rooted Gingerbread; I would also make sure your phone is activated but it's not mandatory! Then proceed reading below

For those coming from TBH's rooted Gingerbread or the method using the Droid 3 root method
1. If you have the rooted 2.3.3 Gingerbread build already installed on your phone, download the file and put it on your sdcard like you have for previous builds.
2. Use the bootstrap to boot into clockwork
3 Optional but recommended: Now that you're here, I highly recommend making a backup of the rooted Gingerbread if you would like to go back to stock. You WILL NOT be able to return to stock from a previous Clockwork backup as you now have the updated kernel which cannot boot past builds so you will have to return to this rooted 2.3.3 build backup!
4. Now, you ***MUST* go to mounts and storage, and wipe your data, cache, and system*** (I also do a factory reset just in case) has never failed me :)
5. After wiping everything including your system, choose install .zip from your sdcard as you have for previous builds and install this new build called 825GBKernelONLY, after everything is installed, you can reboot and enjoy your new Cyanogenmod build :D

The first thing you should do is rename the folder that contains your Rooted TBH Gingerbread clockwork backup to a name other than the date and time, it will be very confusing to remember which version this is so rename the folder something like TBHBACKUP

After your build boots, you can reboot into clockwork using the built-in clockwork, DO NOT FLASH THE BOOTSTRAP ONCE YOU'RE ON CYANOGENMOD and go to backup and restore and choose advanced restore and choose restore data from a PREVIOUS CYANOGENMOD BUILD, NOT THE BACKUP YOU MADE FROM THE TBH APP!
You can also flash Google Apps here too :D

If you would like to enable the boot animation sound, click here, on the next reboot it should have the classic "DROIDDDDDD" sound

If you have enabled the boot sound but would like to disable the boot sound, follow the directions you used to enable the bootsound, but instead of typing iwantbootsound type idontwantbootsound and press enter

You can download the new build for the Gingerbread kernel here
MD5 Checksum for the build 3339531d975d68bac61e9386e77ed649

After installing, you can flash the Google Apps from above to get the market and maps and navigation and whatnot

Keep me posted with the bugs on this thread and I will also post on the main DroidForums CM7 for the Pro thread when there's an update :P


  1. Can i use the ROM in Europe? Is the GMS/UMTS network fixed?

  2. So updated to this ROM today, pretty good, seems to be a much more battery efficient build than the CrackMonkey91 version. However, I'm having a problem with my corporate sync account... the mail app started crashing after I initially configured my account. Never managed to get into my email... I tried removing the account to set it up again, hoping it would fix the problem. Instead, I can't add the account again at all and can't access my work email through the mail app... plus I'm getting intermittent pop up errors from the mail app. Anyone else having this problem? Hate to go back to Touchdown, the segregated calendar was just a drag. Also curious as a side note when you think we may see an updated ROM? Thanks for the effort and help in advance! Still a far more enjoyable experience than stock, just need my primary business function on the device to work.


  3. dude my version i just re-post it on XDA for XDA members to get it. IT SAYS IT IN THE THREAD WHERE I POST IT THAT THE ORIGINAL CAN BE FOUND HERE OMG PEOPLE DONT READ

  4. edit "dude my version is his version just re-posted it on XDA for XDA members to get it. IT SAYS IT IN THE THREAD WHERE I POST IT THAT THE ORIGINAL CAN BE FOUND HERE OMG PEOPLE DONT READ"

  5. Sorry, a lil confusing with all the threads running about the same thing. Version differences are confusing too. Anyway, where is the best location to get the most up to date information on new builds?

    this is where to get latest news normally but sometimes its kinda hard to fine what you need but if you read and keep up with thread you should have all the latest news i dont keep up with it anymore as i dont own a Droid Pro anymore so i would advice to keep up with the thread and bookmark all the important parts thats what i us to do.