Sunday, August 7, 2011

With this new build, I took a shot at fixing the 3G data intermittently cutting out requiring a reboot to fix. If somebody can report back to me on the CM4DPro bug thread listed below if it's still not fixed please do so. So far, it's been around an hour on 3G and it's working fine. Also, the screen orientation while placed in the dock should be correct and i added a few things which should account for better battery life.

If all goes well with the 3G fix, I will move on to making GSM builds for those who don't use Verizon

Before installing make a backup!

File can be downloaded from here
And Google Apps can also be installed from here

MD5 Checksum for the build cefed814d0260c75ffcd0a24da4562c2

If coming from a previous build of Cyanogenmod, reboot into the clockwork recovery, go to mounts and storage, and format the system and format the cache. Then go back to where it says install zip from sdcard and choose the zip you just downloaded

If not coming from Cyanogenmod, you will have to do the above steps but you will have to delete your data also (yes, you will lose everything!)

After installing, you can flash the Google Apps from above to get the market and maps and navigation and whatnot

Keep me posted with the bugs on this thread and I will also post on the main DroidForums CM7 for the Pro thread when there's an update :P


  1. With this wifi workaround I mentioned (wifi fixer) from the market,,its working great on wifi,I just downloaded newest 807 thru wifi

  2. Will this build work well with Motorola XPRT? Thanks for the reply!

  3. I'm hoping for a version so i can use it in europe.

    I'll send you some bucks, when it's done

  4. is there an euro-compatible version yet?with hsdpa support and stuff? would be awesome..we don´t even have gingerbread